Since 1978, General Contractor and President of Suncrest Builders, Inc, Greg Bischoff, has been researching, designing, and building custom energy efficient homes. Throughout his career, Greg saw a need for radical change in overall building design in order to achieve a truly sustainable lifestyle. Greg’s desire to address this need gave birth to his unique patented design: The Haven™, a simple, cost-effective and energy-efficient housing system.

In 2011 Vicki and Greg Bischoff partnered with Clint Borchard to establish Envirohaven Corporation, recognizing the ground swell of desire for truly sustainable housing. Envirohaven has helped us create a larger public discussion surrounding green building;

  1. What is “Green”?
  2. What should we expect from “Green” builders?
  3. How do we design to create the most value for our investments?
  4. What should we expect from our appraisers and lenders for return on our green investment?

Designing for sustainability is about creating a design that inherently conserves resources; natural as well as financial.

The concept is sometimes called, “Value Engineering”, and is vastly different than the idea that a home can be made “Green”, by adding materials inside a home that have been deemed “Green” by a manufacturer or organization has been created to hand out certification labels.

By nature, sustainable design, true “Green”, should not necessarily take more “green” to construct. Sustainable designs should always offer homeowners more value for their investment by offering a payback period (through reduced energy and maintenance costs) that is within site of the homeowner who has made the investment.

For those of us who wish to be good stewards of our planet, minimizing the amount of materials needed to build our homes is as important as the kinds of materials we use, where they come from and what kind of resources it will take to power them up, heat and cool them.

Our goal is to use our expertise spanning almost 30 years in the field of sustainable, innovative, and efficient residential Design, Construction and Project Management to help our clients make the most well informed decisions possible regarding their home construction and home improvement projects.

We have worked with many types of innovative products and building systems. Featured here is a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) home as well as a Haven ™ Home by Envirohaven.

If you have any other type of building system that you would like to explore, we would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of all options with you.