Affordable Earth-Air Heat Exchange Systems Save Energy Costs

Earth-Air Heat Exchange

Affordable Earth-Air Heat Exchange Systems, a type of geothermal system, have been used for decades to cut energy costs up to 80% in well insulated homes. While geothermal systems are very efficient and effective the cost can often outweigh the benefits.  A large system of tubes requires a large amount of property to be dug up. This excavation can be very cost prohibitive as well as severely scar the landscape. Complications multiply when there are a large amount of trees or rocky soil where the system needs to be installed. While certainly not the most efficient of the geothermal systems, our research on Earth-Air Heat Exchange Systems has convinced us that this smaller type of system adds great value for a cost that is well within reach of modest budgets, especially when installed in new construction. For existing homes with a crawl space, the retro-fit project will prove more complicated, but worth investigating.

Working with Envirohaven, we installed two Earth-Air Tubes in their Haven model home in Reno, Nevada. You can read about their research and see a photo of their system here. 

Learn more about this simple, affordable, sustainable, way to get more heat and cooling for less money.  If you have questions or comments about this system and its sustainable properties, we’re interested in hearing from you!